Instructions on the use of the e-service

You can use the Positive credit register’s e-service as a private individual, on behalf of another persons, and on behalf of a company or an organisation.

You can view your personal loan information in the e-service. In addition, you can set a voluntary ban on credits and edit or remove the ban. The e-service also allows you to check which lenders have requested your data from the register.

Private individuals

These instructions help you when you use the service as a private individual or act on behalf of another individual. See the instructions for how to

  • log in to the e-service
  • manage a voluntary ban on credits
  • view your loans and guarantees you have provided
  • interpret the credit register extract.

The instructions consist of the following parts:


Personal loan information

Voluntary ban on credits

Credit register extract

Guarantees provided


If you need instructions on how to act on behalf of a company or an organisation, please refer to the following instructions:

Instructions for lenders on how to request a data permission

Signing up to the Positive credit register as a data notifier

Page last updated 3/26/2024