Credit stock and missing data

Loans worth about €150 billion have been reported to the Positive credit register. The register contains more than 11 million individual loans.

Some lenders have not yet reported any loan contracts to the register, and others have reported only part of their credit stock.We call for patience regarding private individuals’ missing loan data. If your data is inaccurate or incomplete, your first point of contact is the lender. You can also contact our customer service.

The following lenders with the reporting obligation have not yet reported any loans to the register:

American Express Europe, S.A. (Suomen sivuliike), 2914139-2
Avida Finans AB (publ), filial i Finland, 2541768-9
Nanolaina OY, 2302535-8
Nordiska kreditmarknadsaktiebolaget (publ), 556760-6032
Oy Aurum Contactor Ltd, 0929164-1
PlusPlus Capital Oy, 3016412-9
Refinance Ab Oy, 3280767-7
Sandvik Eläkesäätiö, 0211670-1
UBS Europe SE, Luxembourg Branch B209123
Valion Eläkekassa, 0200012-7
Vartanet Deranax Oy, 2230386-2
Voima Gold Financing Oy, 3182353-6

When a lender with the reporting obligation starts reporting loan contracts to the register, their name will be removed from the above list. The list is updated on business days.

Data notifiers

Use the search field below to find organisations that have successfully signed up for the Positive credit register as data notifiers.

Search for data notifiers by entering at least three letters in the search field. The list of search results will show the following information on the data notifier: the company's official name, Business ID and sign-up status.

Please note that the search function finds lenders only by their official names. Lenders may also market their loans using marketing names that are different from their official names. You can check the lender's official name and marketing name with your lender. Later you can also check them in your loan information in the Positive credit register's e-service.

Page last updated 5/8/2024