Stakeholder testing

The purpose of stakeholder testing is to provide stakeholders with a testing environment in which they can test the functionality of technical APIs. During the stakeholder testing, lenders will test the reporting of data and the requesting of credit register extracts. The authorities and credit information companies, in turn, will test the requesting of information.

Each stakeholder tests the APIs they intend to use when the register is in production. When testing the APIs, the stakeholders can also ensure that their own systems and processes work in the appropriate manner. When the functions are tested in advance, the introduction of the APIs and their operation while in production will be smoother, and errors will be less likely to occur. Errors and change needs detected during the testing can be responded to in time.


The testing takes place between 2 May 2023 to 31 January 2024, and you must register as a participant in advance. The testing is divided into two parts:

  • Reporting data on loan contracts 2 May–31 Oct. 2023
  • Requesting information 1 Sept. 2023–31 Jan. 2024

When the testing is performed on schedule, the observations made during the testing can be taken into account and the necessary corrections and version updates can be made to APIs before the rollout to production. After the actual testing period, the testing environment remains in use and the stakeholders can test the latest version of each API.

More detailed information about the testing and schedules is provided in the instructions on stakeholder testing.

How to contact us

Enter portal is the primary channel for communication between the stakeholders and the project to establish a positive credit register in matters related to testing. The Enter portal will be introduced for stakeholders participating in the testing on 1 March 2023. The instructions on the Enter portal will be published before the introduction of the portal.

Before the Enter portal is published, stakeholders can contact us about testing by sending email to: luottotietorekisteri (at)

Page last updated 1/27/2023