On this page, you will find the latest versions of technical instructions for software developers. We update the instructions as the project proceeds.


General instructions for application developers (pdf) version 1.4

The general instructions for application developers outline the implementation of the Positive credit register’s technical API from the system integration perspective.

API descriptions

Reporting data on loan contracts – API description (pdf) version 1.8

Checking loan data – API description (pdf) version 1.4

Requesting a credit register extract – API description (pdf) version 1.5

API descriptions describe the data content to be reported, and the structure of the message sent to the API and of the response message returned from the API.

API processing rules and error codes (xls) version 1.4

Message examples

Content of message examples (pdf) version 1.3

Message examples (zip) version 1.3

Message examples are examples of messages sent to different APIs.

Schema descriptions

Schema descriptions (zip) updated 14.6.2024

The schema descriptions of different APIs describe the message format and content, as well as the simplest rules related to required/optional data. The schema descriptions do not contain rules related to conditionally required data or more complex validations related to the system's data content. These are described in greater detail in the API descriptions.

Other documentation

Calculation of income data (xls) version 1.1

The document describes how a person's income data shown on a credit register extract is calculated from wage and benefits data reported to the Incomes Register.

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