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Our newsletter is designed for those who take an interest in the planning, preparation and operation of the new national registration body in Finland. Positive credit register will release newsletters several times every year. Subscribe to the e-mailed newsletter. Follow us also on Twitter: @luottotietorek!

The Positive credit register will be a new register in Finland that collects up-to-date information on loans issued to individuals and on the individuals’ current income. The register aims for offering banks and other lenders more opportunities to estimate loan applicants’ creditworthiness. On the other hand, it can also be a source of assistance for individuals who want to manage their finances better. As a result, the register will help combat the over-indebtedness of Finnish households. According to plan, the Register will open in spring 2024. Its setup and further operation is the responsibility of the Finnish Tax Administration’s Incomes Register Unit.

Page last updated 2/28/2022