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How to request a VAT refund from another EU country in MyTax

Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window).

  1. Select the Activities tab on the home page.

  2. Scroll down to Refund applications. Click VAT refund from other EU countries.

  3. Enter the basic details on the application.

    The refund request period always starts on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month. If you want to enter a second line of business for the company, select Add new line of business.

    Finally select whether you want to upload an invoice specification as a file or add your invoices one by one to the refund request. If you upload the specification as a file, the invoice details will appear automatically in the next stage.

    Go to the next stage, which is Specification of invoices and import documents.

  4. Add specifications of invoices and import documents. Enter all the details and click OK.

  5. You can add new invoices and import documents by clicking Add new specification. When you have added all the specifications, go to Additional details and attachments.

  6. Check and correct the company’s contact information and bank details. If you are a representative, add your own contact information. Add attachments as needed. Go to the next stage, which is Preview and send.

  7. Check the details of the application. You can correct details by clicking Edit on the summary page. When all the details are correct, click Submit.

  8. Note that you will receive two separate acknowledgements of receipt. The first acknowledgement arrives immediately after you have submitted your application in MyTax. The second acknowledgement is sent to you from the country of refund.

    You can edit the request as long as its status is "Submitted". When you edit an application with the status “Submitted”, only the latest version will be forwarded to the country of application.

  9. You can follow the progress of your application in MyTax. Go to VAT refund from other EU countries on the home page and click Show details on VAT refund application.

    You can check the status of the application on the Applications tab. To learn what a specific status means, move the cursor on top of the word describing the status of the application.

    By clicking the date at the beginning of the line you can check the stage in which the application is.

    If the acknowledgement of receipt or the decision is available in MyTax, you can see it under Contact history.

Page last updated 11/22/2021