Certificates for the production environment

Starting with the ApitamoPKI interface

First make a subscription for a certificate. After you have done that, your organisation can start using the ApitamoPKI. 

However, if the user organisation’s software application already contains a Web Service certificate, issued to data providers by the Incomes Register, there is no need for a new certificate. ApitamoPKI can be access with the certificate you already have.

To apply for a certificate for the production environment:

The application must be made in the Incomes Register’s e-service.

  • when you have logged in, indicate the name of the company that applies for the certificate (to complete the application, the person submitting it must have the legal right to sign for the company)
  • select the following on the pages of the company: settings > technical interface and certificates > subscribe for a new certificate
  • select Web Service as the type of certificate
  • users of a production certificate must accept and follow the terms and conditions of use (the pdf file) both for the Tax Administration’s and the Incomes Register’s interfaces
  • you must designate a technical contact person and indicate his or her name on the application. Your technical contact person must take care of the practicalities when subscribing
  • complete the application form and click Submit. The system will start processing your completed form immediately in order to respond to your order
  • the system then sends secure e-mail to your technical contact person with instructions for generating a certificate. The contact person will receive a text message containing a PIN code for opening the secure e-mail message. The PIN code is sent when the contact person clicks on the “Open the message” link The certificate must be retrieved in 14 days after you have applied for it via the Web Service interface
  • after successful retrieval, you (as the IT developer of the interface) are the party that must feed the certificate into the software program. If the certificate is not there, the interface will not return the requested answer files or other data to the user organisation.

For more information on the certificate service, visit the pages of the Incomes Register:
Certificate service
Questions and answers about certificates

You can watch the following videoclip about the Incomes Register:
Näin käytät tulorekisteriä - Hae uutta varmennetta (only in finnish) 

Notes for IT developers:

  • The organisation that wants to have a certificate subscription must have an agreement on the provision of services with their customer within the meaning of the terms and conditions of interface services. You may have a software program designed for accounting firms or other third-party providers of services to taxpayers. If the users of your software are usually not taxpayers or filers, the users must submit applications for certificates.
  • After retrieval of a certificate, the commercial software vendor must give sufficient guidance to their customers, the user organisations, on how certificates must be handled when the software program is being used.
  • The user organisation’s certificate must be fed into the software program because it replaces the user organisation’s electronic signature.
  • The Tax Administration recommends that software programs are encoded so as to support certificate-based authentication and production certificates.

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