Certificate service

The Incomes Register will be deployed on 1 January 2019.

Certificate service

Organisations using the Incomes Register's technical interfaces are identified by using the Incomes Register's certificate service. The solution is based on digital certificates (Public Key Infrastructure).

All organisations providing data to and retrieving data from the Incomes Register use the certificate service. A certificate is issued to an organisation that is responsible for delivering data to the Incomes Register, or that has the right to receive data from the Incomes Register. The Incomes Register's certificate service issues the certificates. The certificate is used to identify the organisation providing or using the data and to ensure the integrity of the records. Certificates are issued in accordance with the purpose of use.

Once the organisation has agreed with the Incomes Register on the use of the technical interface, the certificate can be applied for and processed.

1. Certificate service – General description (15.12.2017, version 1.01)

  • The document is a general description of the Incomes Register's certificate service.

2. Certificate service – Interface description (15.12.2017, version 1.01)

  • The document describes the implementation of the Web Service interface of the certificate service, from the perspective of the system integrator.

3. Technical interface of the certificate service – ZIP – For application developers (15.12.2017, version 1.01)

  • The data contents of the services described in the XML schema format.