Public information on individual income taxes

Information regarding the completed income-tax assessment for the 2020 tax year will be released in November 2021.

The following facts and information on individual taxpayers’ income tax are included:

  • Name, date of birth, name of the county where domiciled
  • Amounts of earned income and capital income subject to State tax
  • Amount of income subject to municipal tax
  • The assessed income tax
  • The assessed municipal tax
  • The imposed sum of taxes and charges in total
  • The total amount of taxes pre-paid by/withheld from the taxpayer
  • The taxpayer’s balance of back taxes or tax refund for 2020

The list of facts and information is from the day when the tax assessment process was completed. Note: any appeals or tax readjustments that may be made later are not released for public disclosure.

None of the public information is on the website

The public information on individual income taxes falls under the category of personal data under the law. If this information were posted on the Web, it would mean free access for everyone who has an Internet browser. It would also mean that the Finnish Tax Administration relinquishes control over it. Present law lays down a number of restrictions on how personal data can be released. To release information as suggested above cannot be done. Accordingly, we only provide electronic access to the information at tax offices, not over the Internet.

Public information can be requested by telephone and browsed at tax offices

Our telephone service answers to questions on publicly released tax data:

  • Public information on individual income taxes: 029 029 497002 (Finnish) and 029 497 003 (Swedish).

Besides that, public income-tax data are available for browsing at most Tax Administration offices. Visits to tax offices are not recommended due to the coronavirus (for now).

The workstations are free for visitors to use during the opening hours of each tax office. There are some changes to the opening hours of tax offices due to the coronavirus situation.

Typically, after its annual release, the previous year’s tax information is a breaking-news topic in the headlines for a couple of weeks. This means that some line-ups at tax office workstations may occur. If you have no immediate need to search the data when it gets released, we recommend that you select a later date for visiting a tax office.

The search engine restricts the parameters and terms to the individual taxpayers’ name, date of birth, and the name of the Finnish country where they live. When you perform a search, the minimum information to type in is the name of the county and the 3 first letters of the person’s last name.

If you visit the tax office, you cannot print out or copy-paste any data into a data carrier device. Instead, you can browse the information and write notes when you use a workstation. However, the Tax Administration can provide printed extracts and other data printouts on order, against a charge. The extracts cost €15 each.

You cannot edit the data in order to remove the part that concerns you

The information from income-tax assessment is subject to public release under the law. This means that a legal obligation exists for the Tax Administration to place it in unencumbered view, to distribute information on it, and to ensure that all the taxpayers are included. As a result, it is not within the Tax Administration’s jurisdiction to exclude any parts from the information, i.e. to exclude a particular person.

Taxpayers have the right to state that they object to the public disclosure of income and tax data to the media

Every year, the Tax Administration sends public information about the year’s tax assessment in electronic format to the media for journalistic purposes. Under the provisions of the GDPR, an individual taxpayer can object to the electronic transfer of his or her records for those purposes.

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