Tax Administration Strategy 2019–2024

Mission statement

We collect the right tax at the right time in order to fund public services.
  • We ensure tax revenue by acquiring and utilising tax data widely.
  • We fight the shadow economy and thereby eliminate unhealthy competition in the market.
  • We make sure our operations are reliable and effective.
  • We invest in our staff’s competence development and in a healthy work community.
  • We operate consistently and efficiently.
  • Ease of tax filing and fair tax assessment create a positive taxpayer experience.


Our values are

  • building trust
  • working together
  • embracing new ways of working


Our strategic objectives are

  • ensuring tax revenue
  • fair tax assessment
  • positive taxpayer experience

Achieving the goals requires management of various phenomena, correctly focused steering and control, efficiency, and wide-reaching impact on the operating environment.

In the near future, we will focus on analytics and AI, automation and global cooperation, and interfaces and acquiring and utilising data. Our competencies and operating model must allow us to make fast and agile changes where necessary.

Tax Administration’s operating principles

Our way of working

  • We increase operational agility by encouraging self-direction and self-organisation. New models are implemented stage by stage.
  • Our centralised process management safeguards the reliability, efficiency and uniformity of taxation.

Customer orientation

  • We offer taxpayers many opportunities to participate in the process of improving our services and activities.
  • We make it easier for taxpayers to deal with their taxes by improving our services, working together with our partners.

Staff competencies

  • Competence development and recruitment are based on a strategic personnel plan and systematic planning.
  • We emphasise the importance of having staff members understand the taxpayer’s circumstances fully.


  • The Tax Administration is led based on a set of shared goals. The Tax Administration’s strategy gives us goals for our operations and development activities.
  • We are systematic and results-oriented when we participate in domestic and international forums of collaboration.

Allocation of resources

  • At least 75 % of full-time work effort is dedicated to the Tax Administration’s core operations and their improvement.
  • The proven effectiveness guides the way we use our capabilities for various strategic goals and areas of improvement.


Best taxation – together

The Finnish Tax Administration is one of the forerunners of digital economy. We have integrated our services with external business platforms. Taxpayers do not have to concern themselves with taxes, because tax is collected at the same time as the taxable event takes place. Taxation has thus effortlessly merged into our daily lives. The tax gap has diminished and financing for society is on solid ground.