Verification of VAT numbers

In force until further notice

VAT number = Value added tax number

Controlling the validity of VAT numbers

You should ask your business partner/customer to give you their VAT-number used in Intra-Community business -- and then check whether the number you received is valid.  Usually, you do need the VAT-number when checking the validity, it is not enough to just know the name: the control cannot be carried out with just the name of your business partner. The validity of customers' VAT number can now be checked on the Web. The service is available on the EU Comission Website at:

First go to the drop-down list to choose language. Then submit your request to check the VAT number. The answer will be either yes or no:

  • Yes = the number is valid at the moment
  • No = the number is not valid or it is incorrect.

If the answer is “No” you should contact your business partner and ask for another VAT-number.

For some countries, including Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, Malta, Poland and Portugal, the business names of the companies can also be controlled. But, in some Member States the national legislation prevents the display of business names. If your business partner is from such a country, you can always contact the service number, especially if you are checking up on your business partner’s facts for the first time. But even in this case, you need to know the VAT number first.

You can check only one number at a time.  To check more than one numbers at the same time, send an Excel file by e-mail to: eu.vies(at) 

The EU Commission is responsible for all technical matters related to the Website. 

Finnish VAT number (arvonlisäverotunniste; momsnummer)

The VAT number that indicates that a business is VAT liable is essential for the functioning and controlling of the intra-Community trade. VAT liable businesses that are engaged in intra-Community trade form their VAT number themselves.

The VAT number consists of the country code FI and a set of numbers that is the Business ID (Business Identification Number, Y-tunnus) without the dash. E.g. if the Business ID is 0765432-1, the VAT number is FI07654321.

The VAT number is only included in the invoices and other documents between the buyer and seller when the transactions constitute intra-Community trade. You need the VAT number when you are engaged in intra-Community supplies and acquisitions and also when you provide and acquire particular services.

For more information on Finnish VAT numbers, see page Arvonlisäverotus EU-tavarakaupassa (available only in Finnish and Swedish), and for more information on the requirements to show your own VAT number on sales invoices, see document “VAT details to set out on sales invoices”.

You can check the validity of VAT number:

  • By telephone 029 497 062
  • By e-mail: eu.vies(at)