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News for software developers – 2/2023

News, 4/11/2023

New version of has released 28 March 2023

Key changes:

  • You can check and send annual information returns for 2023.
  • The AccountHolder/Individual/TIN and SubstantialOwner/Individual/TIN elements in the FATCA data flow are 9999999 is an allowed value (technical guidance at the Annual information returns & Instructions website.
  • Change to the TIN code check (DAC6, WHT, WRP101, WRP102 and CRSDAC2):
    With country codes CZ, EL, GB, LV, MT, RO, SK and XI, a notice is given that the TIN number could not be checked.

News about Vero API

Software registration

Software houses are reminded to register their software by 1 May 2023.
As of 1 May 2023, an API key is needed to access Vero API.

On 22 March 2023, 32 of the software programs calling the API used an API key in production calls, whereas 67 programs did not have an API key.

Register your software in the Tax Administration’s API portal by 1 May 2023 and start using an API key to ensure uninterrupted production use. You can no longer access the interfaces without an API key starting 1 May 2023. Read more about software registration Software registration and API key website. 

Rental income API available for testing

You can now test the Rental income API in a sandbox environment. In the Vero API sandbox, software developers can get familiar with the Tax Administration’s current and future interface services
You can use the API to report rental income and related deductions for an individual taxpayer’s income taxation for the current year. You can report the information once a month or for a longer period. The interface is designed to be used by platform operators/companies managing rental income.

›  Sandbox

Other topical issues

Schedules and timeframes

How to contact us or make enquiries

  • ohjelmistotalot(at)

You can use the e-mail address of the Tax Administration (for software houses) to ask questions related to the Incomes Register as well. We forward the questions to the Incomes Register Unit. However, we remind all users that our e-mail is:

  • Intended for those who work with IT development at commercial software vendor companies
  • Designed to give guidance and support to IT development
  • Not at all for error processing
  • Instead, if you detect an error or become aware of a technical problem, always use the observation form to inform the Incomes Register Unit of it.


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