Public information on real estate taxes

Information regarding the 2021 real estate taxes will be released in November.

The following facts and information on real estate taxes are included:

  • property identifier
  • the assessed real estate tax
  • the name of the party paying the above tax

The above information is going to be published as recorded on the day when the tax assessment process was completed. Note: any appeals or tax readjustments that may be made later are not released for public disclosure.

Browsing the public information; making requests by telephone

The information on real estate taxes is available for browsing at most Tax Administration offices. The workstations are free for visitors to use during the opening hours of each tax office.

You can only search with property identifiers and identifiers of the parcel of land; they are the only search terms for the public information on real estate. You must enter at least 3 of the first digits of a property identifier. The National Land Survey can provide further information, including the names of owners of real estate property.

Data cannot be printed out on paper or copied to a data carrier device on our self-service workstations. Instead, you can write notes. However, the Tax Administration can provide printed extracts and other data printouts on order, against a charge. The extracts cost €15 each.

Typically, after its annual release, the previous year’s tax information is a breaking-news topic in the headlines for a couple of weeks. This means that some line-ups at tax office workstations may occur.

Our telephone service answers to questions on publicly released tax data:

  • Public information on real estate taxes: 029 029 497020 (Finnish) and 029 497 021 (Swedish)

More information: