Services provided by the positive credit register

Customer service

Our customer service offers general guidance on the Positive credit register by telephone and in the chat.

We record all calls coming in to the customer service. Our call system is managed by Elisa Corporation, an external service provider. The data saved in the call system on all incoming calls includes the start and end time, the caller's number, the name of the person who answers the call, and a voice recording of the call. At the beginning of each call, we notify the caller that the call will be recorded. Call recordings are used to verify the content of a call afterwards and to ensure the quality of our customer service.

No other personal data is collected in our customer service, unless the customer is identified and it is agreed that the Tax Administration's Incomes Register Unit will investigate the matter. In such a case, the personal data we collect includes the customer's name and telephone number, and any other information necessary for investigating the matter.

If the matter remains pending, a service request can be submitted to the service management system provided by ServiceNow.

If you are communicating with the Incomes Register Unit about a pending administrative matter, notes made about the customer contact can also be saved in a case management system provided by Triplon Oy.

Chat stores cookies, i.e. small text files, on your terminal device to enable proper operation of the chat. Cookies are used, for example, to save the status of the chat so as to enable reconnection and, in certain situations, to update the status. In the processing of chat cookies, the js cookie library is used.

Currently, chat uses the following cookies:

  • oc-#-windowState
    • Used to save the state of the widget, i.e. whether the user has opened or closed it.
  • oc-#-hasSeenChat
    • Used to determine whether the user has seen the widget.
  • oc-#-mode
    • Used to save the status of the conversation, for example whether the conversation is still ongoing or has already ended.
  • oc-#-chatId-v2
    • An identifier for the chat contact. The identifier makes it possible to continue the same conversation after a page update, for example.
  • oc-#-postSurvey
    • Used to determine whether a post-chat survey is displayed.
  • oc-#-conversationStarted
    • Used to determine whether the conversation has already started.
  • oc-chat-redirectSourceService
    • Used only to determine the menu service through which the conversation was initiated.
  • oc-chat-redirect-target
    • Used only to determine the menu service in which the conversation was previously initiated. Enables connection to a current conversation in the service in question.
  • oc-#-botConversationId
    • Used to determine whether a chatbot conversation is ongoing.
  • oc-#-eraseChatTranscriptStorageKey
    • Used to determine whether the customer wants to delete the conversation history.
  • oc-#-contactFormIsPristine
    • Used to determine whether the customer has entered anything on the contact form yet.
  • oc-#-arrivedToSite
    • Used to determine the time when the customer arrived on the page. 
  • oc-#-proactiveaccepted
  • oc-#-proactiverejected
  • oc-#-agentJoined
    • Used to report whether an official has joined the conversation, for example when the official answers the customer’s first question.


The Positive credit register has two e-services: one for organisations and the other for private individuals. In the e-service for organisations, business operators can sign up to the Positive credit register as data notifiers or apply for a data permission, which they need to be able to request credit register extracts.

In the e-service for private individuals, individuals can view their latest loan and income data and credit register extracts requested about them. They can also set a voluntary ban on credits there, and give their consent that information about the credit ban can be disclosed to credit reference agencies. In the e-service, private individuals can also see who has requested credit register extracts about them, when and for what purpose.

Our e-services store cookies, i.e. small text files, on your terminal device. All the cookies of our e-service are technical cookies that enable the use of the e-service. Cookies help to identify the e-service user, and they also maintain the user's session in the e-service.

On what basis do we process data?

We process personal data in the telephone service and e-service to comply with the Incomes Register Unit’s statutory obligation (General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679), Article 6(1)(c)). The processing is provided for in the Act on the Positive Credit Register (734/2022) and in the Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003).

The basis for processing call recordings and cookies in the e-service is to perform the Incomes Register Unit’s task in the public interest (General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679), Article 6(1)(e).)

Disclosure of data

As a general rule, data is not disclosed.


We use the following service providers for application management services, such as troubleshooting: Innofactor Software Ltd, Gofore Plc, Gofore Verify Oy and Advania Finland Oy. When processing personal data, application management uses a service management system provided by ServiceNow.

Retention of data

With regard to data retention, we comply with the Tax Administration's information management plan. We retain the call recordings for no more than six months.

Your data protection rights regarding the processing of personal data

As a controller, the Income Register Unit is responsible for enforcing your data protection rights based on the EU's General Data Protection Regulation. You can make a free-form written request regarding your data protection rights and send it to us to the address below:

P.O. BOX 2
FI-00055 Incomes Register

You can find more information about your data protection rights on the website of the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman.

If you need help in exercising your rights, you can contact our customer service.

Right to view personal data

You have the right to know if we are processing your personal data. You are also entitled to receive a copy of your personal data that we process.

You can submit us a request to view your personal data with the paperform or contact form below.

Request to view personal data

Contact form

Right to rectify data

You have the right to request us to rectify your inaccurate or incorrect personal data without any undue delay.

Right to restriction of processing

If you think the data we are processing about you is incorrect, if the data is processed against the law or if you have opposed the processing of your data, you can request us to restrict the processing of your personal data.

Right to oppose data processing

When the processing of your personal data is not based on our statutory obligation, you have the right to oppose the processing. You can oppose at any time on grounds of your special personal circumstances. In such a case, we may no longer process your personal data, except if there is a justified reason of great importance that supersedes your interests, rights and freedoms, or if the processing is necessary for the purpose of preparing, presenting or defending a legal claim.

Right to file a notification with the supervisory authority

You have the right to file a notification with the Data Protection Ombudsman regarding the processing of your personal data. Further information and instructions on how to file a notification are available on the website of the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman.

Page last updated 4/22/2024