Wrongful requests for credit register extracts for 1,800 persons submitted


According to a report from the Incomes Register Unit, requests for credit register extracts without relevant grounds have been submitted in the positive credit register. According to the information currently available, the requests concern approximately 1,800 individuals.
To the best of our knowledge, no credit register extract information has fallen into the hands of any third party. We will send letters to those whose credit register extracts have been wrongfully requested.

The requests without relevant grounds concern one lender. The API for this lender remains closed. The Incomes Register Unit has reported the information security breach to the Data Protection Ombudsman and filed a report of an offence with the police.

Private individuals can view all credit register extract requests pertaining to them

Private individuals can view their own register data and credit register extracts pertaining to them in the Positive Credit Register’s e-service. You can also set a voluntary ban on credits for yourself in the e-service.

If you have not applied for credit and notice that a credit register extract for you has been requested regardless, you can contact our customer service.

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Page last updated 5/24/2024