Accessibility of the Positive credit register’s e-service for private individuals

This accessibility statement describes how the Positive credit register’s e-service for private individuals  (hereafter: e-service or service) complies with the Act on the Provision of Digital Services, what shortcomings there are in the site’s accessibility, and how you can give us feedback about accessibility issues.

The Tax Administration’s Incomes Register Unit is responsible for the service. We want as many users as possible to be able to use our digital services. We therefore pay special attention to accessibility as we develop our services.

How accessible are the pages?

The e-service largely meets the A and AA accessibility criteria required by law (WCAG criteria 2.1). There are some accessibility defects in the service. They are described in more detail below at Detailed information about the fulfilment of accessibility.

Did you notice any accessibility defects?

We continuously seek to improve the accessibility of our e-service. If you find any defects that are not described on this page, please let us know. We will take every effort to correct the defects.

You can contact us with an online form (available in Finnish and Swedish). We will send you a reply within 14 days.

Supervision of accessibility

The fulfilment of the accessibility requirements is supervised by the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland. If you are not satisfied with our reply  or if you do not receive a reply at all within 14 days,  you can submit a complaint to the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland. For instructions on how to file a complaint and information on how the complaint will be processed, see the Regional State Administrative Agency’s website.

Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland

Accessibility Supervision Unit
tel. 0295 016 000 (switchboard)

Detailed information about the fulfilment of accessibility

The e-service is not fully accessible yet. Below is a list of the content and features that are not yet accessible.

  • The end of the service time limit is not indicated, or it cannot be adjusted. (WCAG 2.2.1)
  • When the user is about to set, edit or remove a ban on credits and zooms in to more than 200%, text disappears from p. (WCAG 1.4.4)
  • The keyboard focus indicator jumps illogically when the user closes the system feedback window by selecting the Cancel button. (WCAG 2.4.3)
  • Instructions on the format of the date input fields are not included in the programmatic presentation (, and the UI does not specify the minimum time range of a fixed-term ban on credits, i.e. that the end date of the ban cannot be the same as the start date. (WCAG 3.3.2)
  • If the user is setting or editing a ban on credits and the related consent to information disclosure to credit information companies and, when doing this, receives system feedback that there are errors or omissions in the information, the keyboard focus order is non-standard. When the user receiving system feedback returns to edit the information, the focus indicator does not move directly to the field that triggered the feedback but jumps to the top of the page. The purpose of this is to ensure that neither of the two options regarding consent appears as a primary or recommended option for the user. (WCAG 2.4.3)

We will fix detected accessibility issues in 2024 and 2025.

How we test accessibility

The observations of this accessibility statement are based on a third-party assessment of whether the e-service meets the requirements laid down in law.

The e-service was released on 1 April 2024, and the statement was drafted on 26 February 2024.

Act on the Provision of Digital Services (306/2019, Finlex)
Accessibility requirements website (Regional State Administrative Agency)


Page last updated 4/22/2024