Terms and conditions of testing, and applicable statements

Here you can find the terms and conditions of testing, and the statements applicable to testing.

Terms and conditions

The testing organisation accepts the terms and conditions in the testing start notification.

Terms and conditions of use for stakeholder testing

The terms and conditions for stakeholder testing describe the terms relating to the testing environment and the data used in testing, for example.

Terms of use - interfaces provided by the Incomes Register and the Tax Administration

The terms of use of the interface services include the terms relating to the testing of the Tax Administration’s interfaces and the use of certificate.


The project's privacy statement and accessibility statement also contain information relating to stakeholder testing. The statements describe the data protection and accessibility matters relating to the Enter portal. The Enter portal is used for communication in stakeholder testing.

Record of personal data processing in the project to establish a positive credit register

Accessibility of the positivecreditregister.fi website and the Enter portal

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