Rollout of the Positive credit register

The first rollout stage of the Positive credit register has three steps:

2 October 2023 Lenders sign up as data notifiers and apply for a data permission.

  • E-service for lenders:
    • signing up as a data notifier
    • applying for a data permission
    • updating of contact information

1 February 2024 Lenders start reporting data to the register.

  • APIs for loan contract data:
    • new loans, changes to loans, and end of loan contract
    • payment transactions and delayed amounts
    • checking loan data

1 April 2024 Sharing of data from the register begins.

  • Transmission of credit register extracts to lenders
  • E-service for private individuals:
    • data on loan contracts recorded in the register and data on guarantees set by private individuals
    • credit register extracts on private individuals
    • voluntary ban on credits
  • Sharing information on a voluntary ban on credits with credit information companies
  • Sharing information with authorities

The project to establish a positive credit register carries out readiness assessment surveys to monitor the stakeholders’ readiness to start using the register. Readiness assessments give an overall picture of the stakeholders’ readiness. The actual readiness assessment surveys relating to the rollout started in February 2023. Readiness assessments are performed

  • 12, 6, 2 months and 1 month before the reporting of data begins (1 February 2024)
  • 1 month before the sharing of data begins (1 April 2024).

During and after the rollouts, the project works in close cooperation with the stakeholders. The project organises rollout-related events and keeps in contact with the stakeholders by e-mail and in other ways.



Page last updated 4/3/2023