Data permission

Using Incomes Register data requires a valid data permission. Each organisation using the Incomes Register must fill in and send a report for data permission purposes to the Incomes Register Unit.

Data permission process for new users of Incomes Register data in 2020

  • 28 August: Webinar for data users
  • 29 August - 2 September: Data permission materials posted from the Incomes Register Unit to the data users to fill in.
  • By 12 September or 18 September, the data users will return the report for data permission to the Incomes Register Unit via secure email.
  • 13 September: Data users will check the data permission. If the data permission contains errors or omissions, the data users will return it to the Incomes Register Unit by the due date.
  • 14 - 31 October: The data permission will be implemented and

-the data users who use the interface will retrieve the certificate within 14 days of the data permission's implementation

-the master users of the data users using the e-service will authorise their personnel to act in the e-service before the turn of the year.

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