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The Incomes Register is a national online database. It contains comprehensive wage, pension and benefit data at the individual level. The information will be reported in real time, within five days of the date of each payment, and individually for each income earner.

Data can be reported via the technical interface, the e-service using an online form or by uploading the data as a file. In special circumstances, the data can be reported on a paper form.

Incomes Register’s technical interface

The language of the technical interface is English. To support this, materials in Finnish and Swedish are provided, such as the interface application instructions and instructions on the data contents. The data format of the Incomes Register's technical interface is XML, and the schemas are in English.

Interface descriptions related to the submission and distribution of data

Use of the Incomes Register's interface services requires a valid service contract and the use of a certificate compliant with the Incomes Register's certificate service. The Incomes Register's certificate is used to identify and authorise both organisations providing data and those using data. Additionally, the integrity of a record is ensured with a certificate (digital signature).

The Incomes Register's certificate service

Interface descriptions of the Incomes Register's certificate service