Data users can request transcripts on the use of the Incomes Register

Data user organisations can request reports on their use of the Incomes Register. The summary reports provide data users with information on record subscriptions and queries made based on them. Data users can monitor their organisation’s use of the Incomes Register’s e-service with the access log data.

Incomes Register transcripts for data users

Summary of data user’s record queries (700 and 701)

The transcript contains summary data of the data user’s record queries and the included reports. The transcript is intended for the data user for monitoring record subscriptions and queries based on these.

Access log data for the data user (702)

The transcript contains data of the Incomes Register’s e-service actions performed by users in the data user’s organisation. The transcript is intended for data users for monitoring the use of the e-service.

Transcript requests can be made via several channels

Data users can request transcripts in the Incomes Register’s e-service, the upload service and via the technical interface. In the e-service and the upload service, transcript requests can only be made by the master user.

For now, the e-service web form can only be used for one-off subscriptions.

Transcripts are retrieved from the e-service

Requested transcripts can be found on the Subscriptions made page in the e-service regardless of which channel was used to make the request. The transcripts are in PDF format. Selecting the row of the request will take you to the Subscription details page. Requested transcripts appear on the page with a slight delay. You can open, print and save requested transcripts by selecting Query status.

Only master users can view 702 reports in the e-service. 700 and 701 reports can be viewed with other data user roles as well.

Detailed information about transcripts is available in technical descriptions on the ‘Documentation’ page: calculation rules are specified in the document ‘Income data – Calculation rules’ and the data content in the document ‘Transcripts in the Incomes Register’.

Page last updated 2/2/2021