Incomes Register FAQs for data users

Do we also need to apply for a data permission for the interface, although the deployment time of the interface is not yet known?

A) If a data user has already submitted a data user's report for data permission purposes (form 6100) via secure email and selected an interface that will be deployed at a later date (but during 2020) as the channel in the report, the data user must send a message for postponing the certificate request to the email address YHT_Tulorekisteri asiantuntijat.

 B) If a data user has not yet submitted a report for a data permission (form 6100), the postponement of the certificate request can be requested at the same time when the data user sends the report for a data permission via secure email.

Does the data permission need to be in effect before testing?

Testing does not require a production data permission; instead, testing can be started after sending the testing start notification (form 6115). You can request a testing start notification from the address

What are the Incomes Register's service channels?

The e-service is a service used with a browser. You can sign in to the service at the address The service requires identification with online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card. In the e-service you can, for example, search for data.

The e-service also features an upload service that is a unidirectional service. You can make record subscriptions in the e-service, but the records subscribed to are not delivered there. The records subscribed to are delivered to the data user via the interface, while the reports subscribed to are delivered in PDF format to the e-service.

The technical interface is an electronic connection between two systems. You can retrieve data from the Incomes Register via the interface to your own customer payment system, for example. Building the interface requires a technical implementation. The system supplier will have the best expertise to do this. Using the technical interface requires a certificate.

Can you use a Katso ID to sign in to the Incomes Register's e-service?

Data users cannot use a Katso ID to sign in. Data users identify themselves with the Incomes Register's e-service by using their personal online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card.

Can authorisations also be granted for a fixed period?

Yes, authorisations are granted for a fixed period. By default, an authorisation will remain valid for a period of 25 years. The data user's master user can maintain and remove authorisations via the Incomes Register's e-service.

Can the same person have the role of a master user as well as another data user role?

Yes. The organisation names its master users. A master user can also have a data user role required for data retrieval.

Can data be accessed in the Incomes Register's e-service without the customer's consent when the information is needed, or should the customer's permission be asked when accessing their data?

Incomes Register data can only be used for purposes laid down in the Incomes Register act. When data is accessed in the Incomes Register for these purposes permitted by law, income earners do not need to be asked for permission.

Using personal online banking codes in business matters is not allowed in our company. How can we use the Incomes Register?

Data users can retrieve data from the Incomes Register via the technical interface, in which case the data is delivered straight into their own system and no personal identification is needed. You should consult your system supplier, as the technical interface requires system development.

In addition to online banking codes, you can use a mobile certificate or a certificate card to sign in to the Incomes Register's e-service.

The electronic identity card issued by the Police and the organisation card and ID card for regulated healthcare professionals issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency are certificate cards.