The Incomes Register for data users

Only those organisations and authorities that are entitled to do so according to the Incomes Register act can browse and search data submitted to the Incomes Register. The data can only be used for the purposes and to the extent permitted by law.

The users of the data held in the Incomes Register provide guidance on employer obligations and payments as well as the interpretation of laws applicable to the data users’ own sphere of competence.

Data users include:

Data flows throught the Incomes Register from data providers to data users.

At 1 April 2024, data users expanded to include the Positive credit register.

At 1 January 2023, data users expanded to include the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA), Wellbeing services counties, Finnish Immigration Service, the Ministry of Justice's administrative branch, the police of Finland as well as Finnish customs.

At1 January 2021, the National Enforcement Authority Finland became data.

At 1 January 2020, data users expanded to include Province of Åland and its authorities, municipalities and joint municipal authorities, Motor Insurers' Centre, Patient Insurance Centre, Workers’ Compensation Center, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s administrative branch, Statistics Finland, the Employment Fund's adult education benefits, occupational safety and health authorities, unemployment funds, non-life insurance providers and State Treasury.

At 1 January 2019, data users comprised the Tax Administration, Kela, the Employment Fund, earnings-related pension providers and Finnish Centre for Pensions (ETK).

Page last updated 4/1/2024