Data users’ perspective

The information in the Incomes Register will be used by the parties legally entitled to use the information. The information may only be used to the extent permitted by law.

The Incomes Register will automate several of the processes of parties that use the data. It will also enable real-time monitoring and simplify correspondence with other data users.

The Incomes Register will provide an up-to-date repository of earnings, benefits and pensions data for the data users' decision-making processes. Public authorities and other users of the data will only be able to access the register entries to which they are entitled and which they need. The Incomes Register will not create any new rights to information. Information from the Incomes Register will only be disclosed if the user in question is entitled to the information on the basis of the applicable laws. The Incomes Register will provide up-to-date income information, which will allow users of the data to improve their own processes. For example, income earners will no longer need to supply their income information to the authorities in connection with applications.

Preventing the growth of the shadow economy

The Incomes Register will make it possible to detect omissions in reports very soon after payment. Moreover, it will no longer be possible to report information only to specific authorities, since the information in each report will be accessible to all users of the Incomes Register data. As the reports will be used in the processes of multiple data users, any omissions in them will be spotted faster and can therefore be rectified more efficiently.