The Incomes Register will be deployed on 1 January 2019. Earnings payment data can be reported no earlier than on 1 January 2019.

The Incomes Register will simplify employers' reporting obligations.

At the moment, employers need to supply information about the wages they pay to various parties in a number of technological formats and according to different schedules. In the future, employers will only need to submit such information once to the Incomes Register, from which the parties who need the information can retrieve it. If complementary data is also submitted to the Incomes Register, it will also replace many pay certificates and other reports that employers currently need to supply in benefits applications, for example.

The information can be submitted to the Incomes Register using a technical interface. This refers to an electronic link between a payroll system and the Incomes Register, which allows earnings payment data to be reported directly from the payroll system into the Incomes Register without any need for the party reporting the data to log into a separate Incomes Register reporting service. This reduces the amount of manual work involved in the reporting process

Basic information on the Incomes Register:

For entrepreneurs

Accounting firms

For associations and foundations