How to log in e-service

You can only manage your Incomes Register affairs or those of your company after you have identified yourself.

Identifying yourself in e-service with your personal credentials

Identify yourself in the Incomes Register’s e-service using your online banking codes, a mobile certificate, a certificate card or an organisation certificate card.

  • You can act on behalf of a company or organisation if you have an official role in the organisation that has been registered in the Trade Register, the Business Information System (BIS) or the Register of Associations.
  • If you act in any other role, you will need a authorisation. Authorisations can be granted for individuals or companies.
  • You can also view your own income data in the e-service.

Acting on behalf of a foreign company: identify yourself with Finnish Authenticator Identification Service

A representative of a foreign company can act on behalf of the company in the Incomes Register if they have a Finnish personal identity code or an UID (the Finnish Authenticator app) and a authorisation.

Read more about the UID and the authorisation for a representative of a foreign company

For the time being, non-Finnish private individuals cannot use the Incomes Register’s e-service or authorise another person or company to manage their affairs. They can only manage their affairs by using paper forms.

Login for EU citizens based on the eIDAS

It is not possible to directly log in to the Incomes Register’s e-service with an eIDAS identifier.

Read more about eIDAS

Frequently asked questions

To get online banking codes you must sign an agreement with your bank. Note that only personal online banking codes enable you to log in to our e-services.

A mobile certificate is an identifier in your mobile phone’s SIM card. 

More information on the website

certificate card is an ID card containing a citizen certificate or an organisation card containing an organisation certificate. ID cards are issued by the police, whereas organisation cards are issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. 

In order to identify with a certificate card, you need a card reader and card reader software.

Read more about certificate cards on the Digital and Population Data Services Agencys website: Certificates and cards for organisations

If your software uses an Incomes Register API, you do not need to log in or separately identify yourself in the Incomes Register each time you use it. Your organisation will be identified by a technical certificate installed in the software.

Certificates are issued according to their purpose: there are separate ones for reporting earnings payment data, for reporting benefits payment data and for accessing data.

For assistance with certificate issues, please contact your software provider.

Read more about certificates and how to obtain them

Representatives of a data user must also identify themselves in the Incomes Register’s e-service with their personal credentials.

You can only use the service on behalf of a data user if you have been authorised by your organisation’s master user to act as a data user.

Data users do not use the authorisation. Instead, the main user of each organisation grants the authorisations in the Incomes Register’s e-service. The main user is also responsible for the maintenance of the granted authorisations.

The majority of data users retrieve data from the Incomes Register to their software via an API. In this case, the organisation will be identified by a technical certificate installed in the software.

Page last updated 8/16/2023