Instructions for using the e-service

General information on using the e-service

View the instructional video on how to use the Incomes Register's e-service (in Finnish, YouTube, lenght 3:45 min)

We recommend that you use the Incomes Register e-service with the Google Chrome browser. The service is not optimised for use on mobile devices.

Always report data in the correct form and using hyphens. Lower- and upper-case letters make a difference when reporting data or performing searches.

The e-service functions may be slow or delayed in the beginning. No hourglass wait icon or similar will be displayed when performing an operation.
The easiest way to navigate between various parts of the service is via the left-hand menu.

You can learn more about using the e-service via the instructions and “i“buttons.

To end your session, remember to log out from the service by clicking the Log out button in the upper right corner.

Language versions

You can use the Incomes Register e-service in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. There are still some translation gaps in the Swedish and English-language versions. The calendar menus for reporting dates, for example, are shown in Finnish even if you selected Swedish or English as the user interface language.

The e-service will open in Finnish even if you navigated to the service from the Swedish page. You can change the language to Swedish or English on the e-service front page.

Signing into the Incomes Register

You can sign into the Incomes Register's e-service by clicking the Incomes Register sign in the button at the top corner of the page. Strong identification is required for login, i.e. using online banking codes, a mobile certificate or certificate card. 

Read more about identification

Foreign entities should sign into the Incomes Register e-service by using a Katso ID. When signing in with a Katso ID, no Continue as a private individual function is shown on the e-service Start menu. Sign into the service with a Katso ID.

Acting on behalf of another party and sign-in

Users who have granted authorisation in the Katso service can use Katso identification in the Incomes Register. The service shows data on the companies that have provided authorisation through the Katso-service. If authorisation has been granted both in the Katso service and e-Authorisations and the user signs into the e-service with a Katso ID, only the authorisations granted in the Katso service will be shown.

If a user acting on behalf of another wants to view both the e-Authorisations and Katso authorisations, they must sign into the Incomes Register e-service using identification (with online banking codes, a mobile certificate or certificate card). In this case, the authorisation query is directed at authorisations granted both in e-Authorisations and the Katso service.

An exception to this is foreign entities that identify themselves in the e-service with a Katso ID. identification does not yet support sign-in options for foreign entities; foreign entity authorisations have been granted in the Katso service.

If a foreign organisation has granted a Finnish actor authorisation to act on their behalf, this actor can only see the authorisations in the Incomes Register e-service with a Katso ID.