Instructions for using the e-service

In the Incomes Register’s e-service, you can complete one report at a time or send the data as an XML file via the upload service. You can also browse and correct submitted reports and request transcripts.

Identify yourself in the service using your online banking codes, a mobile certificate or  a certificate card. If you want to use the service of behalf of another, you must have a authorisation.

Incomes Register sign in

Read more on the different roles and instructions for various functions:

Act as a private individual or on behalf of another individual

Act as the representative of a company or an organisation

Act as a data user

The upload service

Watch also the Incomes Register’s instructional videos

Use technical interface to automate reporting

Many payroll and benefit software products are able to use the Incomes Register API. Via an API you can transfer reports directly from your payment system to the Incomes Register. If you make payments frequently or to a large number of income earners, using such software will make your job easier. Ask your software supplier for more information.

For example, service (available in Finnish and Swedish, link to Finnish), a free payroll service, also uses the API solution and automatically sends the necessary reports to the Incomes Register.

Frequently asked questions

There are many reasons why you may be shown an error message regarding service disruptions. In such a situation, wait a moment and try to use the service again.

You should also try clearing the browser cache if the e-service does not work as expected. You can clear your browser history by clicking the three dots in the top right-hand corner and selecting “History”.

We recommend using the Incomes Register’s e-service with a desktop or laptop computer. You will also need an internet connection and a web browser. Your browser must have both cookies and JavaScript enabled.

We recommend using the service with the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers (version 87 or newer). The service does not necessarily function as intended on other browsers or mobile devices.

If you are using the service on behalf of another individual or if you use the upload service, do not use your browser’s ‘Back’ button.

For more detailed information about different reporting situations, read the following instructions:

The ‘Earnings payment data’ section includes instructions on income types, the reporting of fringe benefits, and insurance.

Similarly, the ‘Benefits payment data’ section has instructions on reporting benefits and pensions.

In what situations do I submit an employer's separate report?

How do I correct data?

See our organisation-specific instructions:

What data do associations submit to the Incomes Register?

What data do wellbeing services counties submit to the Incomes Register?

When you buy a service or hire an employee – household as an employer

Need help with choosing a reporting method, or granting an authorisation? Read our guidance:

How do I submit a report?

How to grant an authorisation

If you need examples or more detailed instructions for reporting, see our detailed guidance:

Wages: reporting data to the Incomes Register

Mandatory and complementary data in the earnings payment report

Benefits: reporting data to the Incomes Register

All the Incomes Register´s detailed guidance

Our customer service also helps you in questions related to reporting:

Contact us

To get online banking codes you must sign an agreement with your bank. Note that only personal online banking codes enable you to log in to our e-services.

A mobile certificate is an identifier in your mobile phone’s SIM card. 

More information on the website

certificate card is an ID card containing a citizen certificate or an organisation card containing an organisation certificate. ID cards are issued by the police, whereas organisation cards are issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. 

In order to identify with a certificate card, you need a card reader and card reader software.

Read more about certificate cards on the Digital and Population Data Services Agencys website: Certificates and cards for organisations

Data reported to the Incomes Register can only be used by organisations and authorities that have the right to use the data by virtue of the Act on the Incomes Register (Laki tulotietojärjestelmästä 53/2018).

Each organisation using data has its own data permission decision defining what information representatives of the organisation may retrieve and view, and to what extent.

Data users retrieve data from the Incomes Register to their software via an API. Some organisations also use the Incomes Register’s e-service.

The data is used for decision-making and in other statutory duties.

Read more about data users

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