Who can use our e-service on behalf of a company or organisation?

You can use the Incomes Register’s e-service to manage the affairs of a company or organisation in the following cases:

You are listed in any of the following official roles for the company or organisation in question in the Trade Register or the Business Information System (BIS):

    • Managing Director
    • Substitute for the Managing Director
    • Chairperson of the Board
    • Member of the Board
    • Liquidator
    • Building Manager
    • Full-time Building Manager
    • General Partner (limited partnership)
    • Partner (general partnership)
    • Self-employed individual
    • Authorised individual, i.e. an individual authorised to sign for the company/organisation alone.

You are the chairperson of the organisation’s board of directors or an authorised signatory who is entitled to represent the organisation alone as specified in the Register of Associations

You have been granted a Suomi.fi authorisation corresponding to your official role: “Processing of log, interface and report data related to income data” 

With these rights, you can complete tasks such as requesting certificates for the organisation’s API, confirming the start of benefits reporting, and submitting and viewing reports.

If you are acting in any other role, you will need a Suomi.fi authorisation to use the e-service on behalf of the company or organisation.

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Page last updated 8/16/2023