Using Incomes Register with eIDAS identification

Using the Incomes Register's e-service requires strong identification, i.e. verification of the user's identity.

The service requires identification with Finnish online banking codes, a mobile certificate, or a certificate card. Non-Finnish users use the Finnish Authenticator Identification Service.

eIDAS is an EU regulation to enable strong electronic identification across EU borders for public services in the different Member States. Means of identification are taken into use, i.e. notified, at different times by the Member States.

List of EU countries with notified eIDAs

It is not possible to directly log in to the Incomes Register’s e-service with an eIDAS identifier

You can access the Incomes Register by using the eIDAS service request form if the means of identification used by your country has been notified.

Fill in your personal details on the form and check the box: Incomes Register. Under Additional information, enter a more detailed description of the matter.

Go to to complete the eIDAS service request form

Page last updated 8/16/2023