Go to the upload service

Users can use the upload service to submit records to the Incomes Register in XML format. When navigating to the upload service, the user does not immediately need to select the organisation on behalf of which s/he is acting. The authorisation to upload records is verified when the user sends the files to the Incomes Register. The user must generate the file in their own system for delivery.

Function Description


Read the instructions for using the upload service functions. The page opens in a new window.


Select a file

You can select the file to upload via the upload service from your own computer. You can select one or more files. A format check is performed on the files, and an error message will be displayed for any erroneous files. You can upload additional files even if the previous records are still being processed.

Delete row

Remove an individual file.


Clear all the selected files.

Send files

Send the selected files to the Incomes Register.
The records will be shown on the Records sent list, and the processing of the records will start in the Incomes Register. You can see the status of the records sent on the screen. The upload will not be interrupted even if you navigate away from the upload service or close the browser.

Download processing feedback

Open a technical return message (in XML format) and download it if needed.

Clear list

Clear all completed records from the view. This button is active if there are completed records on the list.