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Getting registered and receiving a Business ID

Submit a Start-Up Notification to the Business Information System ( You can submit it electronically or on a paper form. More information is available on the website. Electronic filing costs less than paper filing.

With the Start-Up Notification submitted:

  • Your new company enters the Trade Register with the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH). For more information, visit the PRH website (
  • Your company also gets a Business ID. If you submitted the Start-Up Notification electronically, the ID is delivered to you without delay. If you submitted it on paper, you will be able to see the new Business ID on the Company Search pages of YTJ-BIS after a couple of days. We will also inform you of the issued Business ID by letter.
  • You can also have your company entered in the registers maintained by the Tax Administration: the Prepayment Register, the VAT Register and the Register of Employers. You should allow some three weeks for the registrations to come into force. When they are in force, we will send you a confirmation of registration by letter and also post it on your company's MyTax page.

Registers maintained by the Tax Administration – when is registration recommended?

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Using Company MyTax

We recommend that you start using MyTax as soon as you have started doing business. MyTax will replace the majority of the Tax Administration's current e-services. In MyTax, you can file self-assessed tax returns (for e.g. VAT or employer's contributions), file an income tax return for a corporation or joint administration, request or change prepayments and submit bank account numbers.

If you have established a company, you must ask for a Katso ID and password in order to log in to MyTax. Private individuals and the self-employed can log in with their personal e-bank security codes.

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Guidance for new businesses

We organise webinars on a regular basis. Many of them are useful for new business enterprises. Read the website to find out about upcoming events, and feel free to sign up! Webinar participants are welcome to ask questions via Live Chat.

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