New entrepreneur – how to start up a business and manage its taxes

Starting up business? Submit a start-up notification and enter your company in the Tax Administration's registers. Remember to make prepayments and file tax returns, as well.

Start-up checklist

  • 1

    Before starting up

  • Selecting the company type

    Select an appropriate legal type for your company. Different types of companies are taxed in different ways.
  • 2

    Starting up

  • Start-up notification and registration

    Submit a start-up notification to enter your company in the Tax Administration’s registers.
  • Business ID

    You will receive a Business ID immediately if you submit your start-up notification electronically.
  • 3

    Starting business activities

  • Preparatory steps

    While you wait for registration decisions, open a bank account for your company. We also recommend that you hire an accountant.
  • Registration decisions

    Decisions will usually be issued in 3–4 weeks after you submit the start-up notification.
  • Company can start invoicing

    You can start invoicing as soon as you have received the registration decisions.
  • 4

    Business routines

  • Filing and paying employer’s contributions

    File and pay employer’s contributions if you have employees. If you are considered a regular employer, you must report employer’s contributions even if you have not paid wages.
  • Filing and paying VAT

    File and pay VAT if you are liable to pay VAT. VAT returns must be filed for each tax period even if the company has not had VAT-liable activities.
  • Paying taxes

    Make sure that your company’s prepayments are in order or, if you are a self-employed individual, your tax card is up to date. Remember to make your prepayments on time.
  • Tax returns

    File your tax return on time.

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