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News for software developers – 1/2024

News, 2/8/2024

New version of has released on 6 February 2024

Key changes:

  • accepts income tax returns for corporate taxpayers 2024 accounting periods. Users can both check and submit returns (Forms 4, 6, 6B, 6C and 6U).
    • In addition to the annual changes, there have been other changes to the following data format specifications: 4, 6, 6B, 6C, 6U, 8A, 67Y, 74, 81, VSYENN
    • Attachment type "Tilinpaatos" changed to "Vahvistettu tilinpaatos".
    • New attachment type: "Voitonjakotiedot kaupparekisteriin"
    • Data format specifications are available on Data file specifications - income tax returns.
  • Changes to background checking:
    • If a user submits multiple files and even one of them is larger than 5 MB (or 1 MB for XML files), they will now be given the option to submit them to background processing.
    • Due to data security concerns, error codes have been removed from the e-mail sent to the user after the checking has been completed. Users can view the errors on as follows:
      • If the filing was submitted while logged in: go to "Archive", select "Large filings for background checking", and click "Errors".
      • If the filing was submitted via the background checking functionality without logging in, the file containing errors must be checked again without submitting it to background processing: go to "Submit for background checking" and select "I want to launch the check process immediately".
  • The data format specifications for annual information returns for the 2024 reporting year are published on 5 February, but their formats will not be available until the March version of is launched on 26 March 2024. The specifications are available on Annual information returns & Instructions.

News about Vero API

Upcoming changes in authorization process for Vero API interfaces

The interfaces have checked the authorization for each interface call. In the future, the interface user must retrieve the authorization with the GetToken interface before making calls to those interfaces that require authorization.

Authorization will be handled in the future with authorization tokens, which can be retrieve with the GetToken interface call. The authorization token is a technically signed data structure that contains the authorizations granted to the interface user. The authorization token gives the right to act on behalf of another organization for 60 minutes from the time of token creation.

The use of authorization tokens will become mandatory on May 1, 2024. The mandatory use of the authorization token does not apply to interfaces where authorization is not currently required.

Read more about the upcoming change on the Vero API Acting on behalf of other organizations -page and also from the interface documentation on the API portal. will close down in February 2024

Annual information returns that could be submitted in the e-service, as well as the real estate agent’s and securities broker’s transfer tax returns, were moved to MyTax at the end of 2023. will close down at the end of February 2024. If you need to save any of the information in, retrieve it from the service by the end of February.

This change does not affect filing in Ilmoitin.if, the Vero APIs or MyTax.

New MyTax functionality replaces services

Schedules and timeframes

How to contact us or make enquiries

  • ohjelmistotalot(at)

You can use the e-mail address of the Tax Administration (for software houses) to ask questions related to the Incomes Register as well. We forward the questions to the Incomes Register Unit. However, we remind all users that our e-mail is:

  • Intended for those who work with IT development at commercial software vendor companies
  • Designed to give guidance and support to IT development
  • Not at all for error processing
  • Instead, if you detect an error or become aware of a technical problem, always use the observation form to inform the Incomes Register Unit of it.
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