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Service break in MyTax between 17 and 19 November – take care of tax-related matters before the break

News, 11/3/2023

MyTax will be down at the end of November due to a system update.

The scheduled downtime will occur during the weekend starting Friday 17 November at 4.30 in the afternoon – ending Sunday evening 19 November at 6.00 pm. You cannot log in or manage your taxes in MyTax.

We advise you to deal with your tax matters before the break insofar as possible.

Please note the following

MyTax will be unavailable from Friday 17 November 4.30 pm to Sunday 19 November 6.00 pm. The following services will be unavailable:

  • No request can be submitted through MyTax for a tax card.
  • No payments are transferred in MyTax, i.e. you cannot send a tax payment nor obtain payment-related information including bank-reference numbers. However, you can pay taxes in your online bank. If you intend to do so, make sure you check the bank account numbers and reference numbers in MyTax in advance.
  • You cannot submit VAT Recapitulative Statements, so make sure you submit them in advance if necessary. However, you can submit a number of reports through, but the submitted materials will not be processed until after the break.
  • The public register of tax numbers will be unavailable. This means that we cannot issue you a tax number or enter your information in the register of tax numbers. Read more: Public register of tax numbers
  • Some delays in MyTax functionalities connected with data originating from Incomes Register reporting.

Scheduled downtimes will affect other e-services – note the varying start and end times:

  • Tax debt certificates: Services related to the tax debts register will be unavailable between Friday 17 November 4.00 pm and Monday 20 November 9.00 am. Tax debt certificates concerning unpaid taxes are available from the Tax Administration’s taxpayer service as of Monday 20 November 9.00 am.
  • Vero APIs: Interfaces will close on Saturday 18 November at 1.00 am and open on Sunday 19 February at 5.00 pm at the latest.
  • and services: During the service break, you can submit reports through and, and directly from your software via an operator. However, we will not process the reports until after the break. However, the reports or data that you submit will be recorded for the date when submitted.
  • You can calculate wages as usual and the reports are submitted to the Incomes Register, but they will not be transmitted to MyTax during the break. Reports originating in will transfer to MyTax after the break. The following information will not be transmitted from the Tax Administration to
    • Changes in payment period details in MyTax
    • Tax card details in an electronic format from the Tax Administration
    • Changes to be entered into the employer register (casual employer/regular employer)
  • The Tax Administration’s e-service will be closed from Friday 17 November 4.30 pm to Sunday 19 November 6.00 pm. After the scheduled downtime, users will have the Tax Administration’s e-service facilities fully available in MyTax.

New features available in MyTax after service break – read more: New features to MyTax in November

Page updated 15 November: Added line concerning delays in MyTax connected to Incomes Register data.

Page last updated 11/3/2023