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News for software developers – 4/2023

News, 11/28/2023

New version of will be launched on 28 November 2023

During the version update, on 28 November 2023 from 7 am to 9 am, the website and the software interfaces will be temporarily unavailable.

Key changes:

  • TRACE (WRP101 and WRP102) changes:
    • New Business IDs are added to the register of authorised intermediaries
    • A check is added to the XML`s Summary section: a check will be made against the database to see whether CorrDocRefId already exists in the database.
    • A check is added to the BirthDate element if WhtRate is less than 35%
  • CbC/DAC4 / Annual changes:
    • A notification of reporting obligation can be submitted for 2024
    • The following changes to the country-by-country report:
      • New reports can be filed and corrections to previously filed reports can be made within 6 years from the beginning of the year following the end year of the accounting period.
      • In ReportingEntity/ReportingRole CBC704, a check will be made to ensure that the MessageSpec/Warning element contains a TIN in the format ";UltimateParentEntityTIN:12345678;" and that the name of the ultimate parent entity is in the format ";UltimateParentEntityName:the name of the company;"
      • Only one Address structure for the reporting entity (ReportingEntity/Entity/Address) and the constituent entities (ConstEntities/ConstEntity/Address) can be reported
      • Only one ReportingEntity/Entity/Name element is permitted
      • The maximum number for ConstEntities/ConstEntity/Name elements is two

Other topical issues

Maintenance breaks and disruptions affecting the Tax Administration’s services will be unavailable on Wednesday 29 November between 6–9 am due to maintenance. Users of MyTax are not affected.

Schedules and timeframes

e-Filing of tax returns and information returns, schedules for 2023 (in Finnish)
Schedule of updates to the Tax Administration’s file check module (in Finnish)
Planned maintenance downtime

How to contact us or make enquiries

  • ohjelmistotalot(at)

You can use the e-mail address of the Tax Administration (for software houses) to ask questions related to the Incomes Register as well. We forward the questions to the Incomes Register Unit. However, we remind all users that our e-mail is:

  • Intended for those who work with IT development at commercial software vendor companies
  • Designed to give guidance and support to IT development
  • Not at all for error processing
  • Instead, if you detect an error or become aware of a technical problem, always use the observation form to inform the Incomes Register Unit of it.


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