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Employer: make corrections to any errors on Incomes Register reports as soon as possible

News, 2/17/2023

If you need to correct mistakes in your 2022 payroll reporting to the Incomes Register, please take care of it as soon as you can. Corrections that get made by 15 March will arrive to us early enough, so we can pass the corrected amounts on to the pre-completed income tax returns of employees and other individual taxpayers.

You can ask the Incomes Register to send you “payer’s transcripts”. You can use them to reconcile and re-check all the payroll information that you submitted: Summary of payer’s earnings payment data (630), and Income type specific summary of payer’s earnings payment reports (618).

If your corrections have to do with individuals’ income information, we recommend that you also re-check the occupational class as recorded, along with the individual’s insurance information. If problems are detected, you can deal with all of them at this time.

Making corrections

Replacement reports to the Incomes Register are the primary way to correct mistakes. The replacement you send must contain not only the changes and new information, but also the amounts and information that were correct on the original report.

However, some circumstances require that you remedy an error by cancellation of a report followed by submittal of a new report. If you carry out cancellations of your previously submitted reports at the Incomes Register, please note:

  • Cancel the erroneous report and submit your new report in one day. This ensures that the new report is matched with the cancelled report.
    • Reports submitted in late afternoon between 4.00 and 6.00 pm may get recorded for different days. It is safest to cancel reports and submit new ones either before 4.00 pm or after 6.00 pm.
  • Make all corrections and cancellations of your 2022 reports and submit new reports by 15 March 2023, so that the wage earners’ tax returns will have the correct information.

Submit the new report during the same day when you cancel the previous report. This will prevent any refunds of payments connected to the report that had been cancelled, which in turn, may cause penalty charges for late filing and payment concerning the new report’s payments. See MyTax instructions for checking the timeframes for refunded payments.

In addition to the above, the individual taxpayer being the income earner may receive wrong pre-filled content if reports with an error are cancelled and a new report is delayed. The individual taxpayer’s cancelled income data may cause their tax card to be wrong, or it may cause their pre-completed return to be wrong.

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