Self-assessed tax return (4001e)

The self-assessed tax return (formerly the Periodic tax return) must be electronically filed.

To file VAT returns, employer's contributions and other self-assessed taxes on paper is not allowed unless there is a special reason (if electronic filing is impossible due to technical reasons etc.). 


Go to MyTax 

Electronic filing of self-assessed taxes is also possible through an accounting software system or by sending off a software-generated file via the www. gateway or with the services provided by Tyvi operators. Read more about e-filing.

If you opt for paper filing, send the completed form to:

Finnish Tax Administration
Oma-aloitteisten verojen optinen lukupalvelu / OCR service for self-assessed taxes
P.O. Box 5000
00053 VERO

(Transfer tax form (6012e) should not be sent to this address.)

Use the 2018 self-assessed tax return also for filing and correcting the information for earlier years.