Self-assessed tax return (4001e)

This return form is for self-assessed taxes including VAT, insurance premium tax and lottery tax, and for reporting information on paid-out pensions and social benefits. 

Tax returns on self-assessed taxes must be filed electronically.

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Other options for electronic filing:

  • your accounting software system sends a file that it has created (a file that you can use as the tax return) 
  • you send us the software-generated file via the gateway or with the services provided by Tyvi operators. 

To file on paper forms is not allowed but as an exception. If you file on paper, you can find the return address on the first page of the forms.

Information on wages, salaries and employer's contributions paid on 1 January 2019 or later must be reported to Incomes Register. Read more about filing and paying employers' contributions (only available in Finnish and Swedish)

  • If you have to report employer's contributions for 2018 or for an earlier year, use the form for 2018. You can use the same form for VAT reporting as well.