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Inheritance tax return – the decedent lived abroad (3620e)

As an heir, inheritor or other beneficiary of a last will and testament, you must submit this form in the following circumstances:

  • The decedent’s country of tax residence at their date of death was another country, not Finland.
  • Both the decedent and you live abroad and immovable property included in the inheritance is situated in Finland.

Inheritance tax returns must be submitted to the Finnish Tax Administration even if the provisions of a tax treaty prevent Finland from imposing inheritance taxes.

The inheritance tax return must be filed in 3 months of the date of death. Inheritance tax returns must be submitted even in cases where the estate is yet to be distributed.

File the inheritance tax return in MyTax.

Go to MyTax

If you cannot use MyTax to file the return, fill out and print the inheritance tax return form on paper.

In Finland, send the completed form to:
Perintö- ja lahjaverotus
PL 760
00052 VERO

From abroad, use the address:
Finnish Tax Administration – Verohallinto
Inheritance and Gift Tax (Perintö- ja lahjaverotus)
PO Box 760
FI-00052 VERO