The controller of the Positive credit register is the Tax Administration’s Incomes Register Unit. However, the Incomes Register Unit and the Tax Administration are joint controllers as regards the technical maintenance, functionality, information security and development of the Positive credit register’s information system.

The Incomes Register Unit is responsible for receiving, storing and disclosing personal data and associated loan data. It is also responsible for the controller’s other obligations laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation, and for the enforcement of the data subjects’ rights.

The Tax Administration's Data Protection Officer is Noora Kontro.

Contact information

Positive credit register
P.O. BOX 2
FI-00055 Incomes Register

Telephone (switchboard): +358 29 512 000

Customer service

The Positive credit register provides customer service at telephone number +358 29 497 570 on business days between 9 am and 4 pm. Service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

If you call the Tax Administration’s 0294 or 0295 prefixed telephone number from a mobile phone, the call is subject to the mobile call charge. If you call from the fixed network, the call is subject to the local network charge. If you call from abroad, the charge is determined by your local telecommunications service provider. Note that queueing is also subject to a charge.

Page last updated 4/1/2024