The Positive credit register is taking steps forward


The project to establish the Positive credit register progresses on schedule and according to plans in the Tax Administration’s Incomes Register Unit.

The focus is now on development. The purpose is to ensure that the implementation of the Positive credit register is technically functional and in compliance with law. As the project advances, the stakeholders will be able to ensure that their systems are compatible with the Positive credit register through testing. In spring 2023, the stakeholders will first sign up for testing and then perform the actual tests.

In late autumn 2023, it is time to sign up as a loan contract notifier and to apply for a data permission. These actions must be taken by all lenders that send data to the Positive credit register and request credit register extracts in the first stage of the register. In spring 2024, the lenders will first report the existing loans to the register and then start the actual use of the register.

A new project director was appointed for the Project to establish a positive credit register in mid September. Aino Sarakorpi, previously Primary SME in the project, took up the position on 12 September. Read Aino’s views about the project in LinkedIn (

Page last updated 10/10/2022