Stakeholder event of 17 February 2022: Providing information from the Positive credit register, data permission and data security requirements


The Project to establish a positive credit register held a stakeholder event on 17 February. The status of preparatory legislative work was described briefly, and then the next steps in stakeholder cooperation and providing information from the future register were discussed.

The project's legal specialists talked about

  • who data recipients are in stage 1 of the rollout and what the data is used for
  • the data permission needed for the use of the data and the process of grant
  • legal requirements for the technical API, such as the information security requirements based on the Act on Information Management in Public Administration.

After the event, the presentation material was sent to stakeholders by email in Finnish and in English. If you are a representative of a stakeholder group but could not participate in the event or did not receive the material, you can request it by sending us email to: luottotietorek(at)

Page last updated 8/9/2022