Minor updates to lender instructions


A number of updates were made at the beginning of November to three instructions on the Positive credit register’s website. The following instruction texts were updated:

The guidance on data reporting between 1 February and 31 March 2024 on existing credits was updated (see section 6). The previous information about lenders’ start dates, which the Incomes Register Unit would communicate to each lender, is now withdrawn. According to the updated guidance, as the Incomes Register Unit will not set the start dates, every lender organisation can decide on its start date for reporting independently.

Other updates to the instruction Reporting data to the Positive credit register consist of minor additions and edits.

In the interests of clarity, new sections concerning paper-form attachments were added to the two instructions Signing up to the Positive credit register as a data notifier, and Instructions for lenders on how to request a data permission. Additionally, the role of Board member was removed from the list of roles having direct access – without a granted authorisation – to the Positive credit register’s e-service.

Page last updated 11/7/2023