Lenders will sign up as data notifiers and apply for data permissions in the autumn – important information about authorisations required for the use of the e-service


The launch of the Positive credit register is approaching. Starting 2 October 2023, lenders can sign up as notifiers of loan contract information and apply for data permissions needed to request credit register extracts. Parties with the reporting obligation must sign up as data notifiers between 2 October and 30 November 2023. A data permission, on the other hand, is a precondition for the use of data recorded in the Positive credit register.

Read the instructions to check who is required to submit reports.

In August 2023, we will publish more detailed instructions on how to apply for a data permission and sign up as a data notifier.


Electronic service for lenders

Lenders can use the Positive credit register's e-service to apply for a data permission and sign up as a data notifier. The e-service will open on 2 October 2023. The use of the register's e-service requires that the organisation has a Finnish Business ID and that the organisation's representative can prove their identity in the Suomi.fi service using strong identification. Users using Suomi.fi e-identification log in with their Finnish e-bank codes, mobile certificates, or certificate cards. If the organisation cannot use the e-service, it can sign up and apply for a data permission by contacting the Positive credit register's customer service.

When the lender organisation signs up, its representative provides information on the grounds for the organisation's reporting obligation. In the application for a data permission, the lender's representative gives an account of the organisation and its activities, the purposes of use of the data obtained from the register, and other legal grounds for accessing the registered data. In addition, the application includes questions about the protection of data and control of the use of the data. Details on the organisation’s contact persons must also be provided as the organisation signs up and requests a data permission.


The lender's representative must have a right of representation or a Suomi.fi authorisation

If an individual has any of the official roles that are listed below and recorded in the Trade Register or the Business Information System (BIS), they can act as their organisation’s representative in the Positive credit register’s e-service:

  • managing director
  • managing director’s substitute
  • Chair of the Board
  • general partner (limited partnership)
  • partner (partnership)
  • entrepreneur
  • holder of procuration, i.e. an individual authorised to sign for the organisation alone.

If the organisation wants to authorise someone else than an official representative to act on their behalf in the e-service, they must grant the person a Suomi.fi authorisation. The mandate code describing the content of the authorisation is ‘Registration as a notifier and user of credit data’, and the authorisation can be granted in the Suomi.fi service as of 22 August 2023.

 Read more about Suomi.fi authorisations.


Grant authorisations in good time

If a person who does not have an official role will act on the organisation’s behalf in the register's e-service, we recommend that you should grant the Suomi.fi authorisation well in advance of October 2023. In this way, you can ensure there are no delays or complications when you apply for a data permission and sign up as a notifier.


Page last updated 6/14/2023