Testing start notification

Use this form to report that your organisation has started stakeholder testing.

Read the instructions on stakeholder testing before filling in the start notification.

The stakeholder testing start notification is organisation-specific, so only one notification per organisation is needed.

Terms and conditions of use for stakeholder testing must be accepted before the organisation can start stakeholder testing. Accept the terms at the end of the form.

After we have processed the start notification, we will send the information needed to retrieve the certificate to the technical contact person specified on the form and the testing start package to the person who filled in the form.

You will receive an email confirmation indicating that the form has been submitted successfully.

Testing organisation’s information

APIs tested

Testing contact information

Accepting the terms and conditions of use

As you give contact information, it indicates that you accept that we use it as controlled by our privacy statement: Record of personal data processing in the Positive credit register and in customer service.

Page last updated 3/4/2024