Renewing a certificate

A certificate is valid for two years at a time. You need to renew your certificate before it expires. Note that certificates can be renewed 60 days before their expiry at the earliest. If the certificate expires, you cannot use the technical interface.

The responsibility for renewing its certificates lies with the organisation. You can check  the validity of the certificate on the certificate. The organisation's appointed representative can also check the validity of the certificate in the Incomes Register's e-service. The certificate's technical contact person receives a reminder message by email 60 days before the certificate expires.

Certificates are renewed via the technical interface of the certificate service

To renew the certificate, use your software to contact the certificate service’s interface. Not every payroll and benefit software supports this feature. Check your situation with your system supplier.

The interface has a separate service for renewing certificates (RenewCertificate). For the renewal of a certificate,

  • create a new key pair
  • generate a certificate signing request
  • sign the service request using the key associated with the valid certificate.

You cannot renew your certificate in the Incomes Register's e-service.

If your organisation’s certificate cannot be renewed using your software or it expires, request a new certificate for your organisation in the Incomes Register’s e-service. The new certificate is retrieved in the same way as the first certificate.

For further instructions, see the documents:

Certificate service - General description (pdf)

  • Life cycle and renewal of certificates: section 3.4
  • Requesting a new certificate: section 3.2

Certificate service - Interface description (pdf)

  • The document describes the technical functionalities and schemas used in requesting, retrieving and renewing the certificate:
    • The schemas used in renewing the certificate: section 3.3–
    • The schemas used in requesting a new certificate: section 3.1–
Page last updated 11/30/2022