Incomes Register certificate

An organisation that uses the technical interface of the Incomes Register needs a certificate granted by the Incomes Register’s certificate service. The technical interface means an integration built between different systems, for example, between payroll software and the Incomes Register.

The certificate is used to authenticate an organisation reporting income data or using data reported to the Incomes Register. Additionally, the integrity of a record is ensured with a certificate. Certificates are issued in accordance with the purpose of use. A certificate granted for the Web Service channel for earnings payment data can also be used in other services of the Tax Administration.

Using the technical interface has three stages.

  1. The organisation's appointed representative fills in the application for using the technical interface in the Incomes Register's e-service.
  2. The organisation's appointed representative subscribes to a certificate in the Incomes Register's e-service.
  3. The certificate's technical contact person, specified on the certificate subscription, retrieves the certificate from the Certificate service's technical interface.

The certificate is valid for two years

The certificate is valid for two years at a time. It must be renewed before it expires, however, no earlier than 60 days before its expiry. The certificate's technical contact person will receive a reminder message by email 60 days before the certificate expires. There is a separate service in the technical interface for renewing certificates.

Infographic depicting how to request and renew certificates in the Incomes Register.

Page last updated 4/28/2021