Reports in the Incomes Register

In the Incomes Register's e-service, you may submit

Once you have selected the report you wish to submit, a form opens on which you can submit a new report. You will get more detailed information by selecting the form.

If you wish to correct an earnings payment report you have submitted previously, select Submitted Reports. On the following page you will see the reports you have submitted. You can also search for a report by a variety of search terms. Select the report you would like to amend and correct the information submitted.

Please note that the report cannot be saved as draft.

Use the correct report

Earnings payment report

Report wages and other payments paid to a single income earner on a single payment date.

If you are in the employer register as a private individual, i.e. you are a regular employer, follow the general deadlines for reporting.

If you are not in the employer register as a private individual, i.e. you are a casual employer, submit the report no later than on the 5th day of the calender month following the payment.

See examples on reporting and read more about various reporting situations: 

Employer’s separate report

Report employer’s health insurance contribution and any deductions from it; or submit a “No wages payable” entry if there are no wages paid that reporting month and you are a regular employer. The employer’s separate report must be submitted by the fifth day of the month following the month of wage payment.

Page last updated 5/15/2023