Correcting wages

Correcting data on a report

In the e-service, a report can usually be corrected by simply correcting the errors and adding the missing data. However, some errors in a report must be corrected by cancelling the report. If an incorrect entry cannot be changed, you must cancel the previously submitted report and submit a new report with the correct data.

Note that these instructions only describe how to correct reports. Read more about how to fill in reports:

Correct report data

The report already includes all the data of the original report. Correct any incorrect data and add any missing data.

Once you have corrected and checked all the report data, proceed to the preview. Finally, use the preview to check that the data you have entered on the report is correct, and submit the report. You can still return to the report to edit it through the step progress bar at the top of the page or by clicking Previous. If you click Exit on the preview page, the data you entered will not be saved in the Incomes Register, and the original report will remain valid.

Most errors are checked while you are completing the report. If the report includes any incomplete data or errors, a list of error messages will be shown below the preview summary. You cannot send the report until you have corrected all errors. There are also checks that can only be carried out after you have clicked Send. If any errors are discovered during these checks, error messages will be shown on the preview page.

Once you have checked the data, click Send. The service will inform you that the report has been received and that the data will be saved in the Incomes Register. The page also shows the report reference that you can use later to search for the report in the Incomes Register, for example.

Browsing a submitted report

The correction is targeted at the original report using the report reference. When the report is saved in the Incomes Register, it will replace the original report. A new version of the report will be created after saving.

You can browse the reports you have submitted in the e-service on the “Submitted reports” page. You can search for a specific report using the payer’s report reference or a specific time range, for example. You can also filter your search using other search terms.

Cancel a report

If the data cannot be corrected using the Correct function of the report, you must first cancel the report and then submit a new one. To cancel a report, return to the report's collection page and click Cancel.

If you must correct a report by cancelling it, do as follows:

  1. Cancel the erroneous report.
  2. Submit a new report with correct data and give the report a new report reference.

Situations when a report must be cancelled in order to correct data

An earnings payment report must be cancelled and a new report must be submitted if the following data needs to be corrected:

  • payment date
  • pay period
  • payer and income earner's customer identifiers
  • Type of additional income earner data Athlete or Organisation
  • payer type Temporary employer
  • customer identifiers of the actual employer in the Substitute payer data group
  • income earner's date of birth
  • information Acts as substitute payer
  • pension policy number
  • occupational accident insurance company identifier or policy number
  • exceptions to insurance
    • retroactive changes to No obligation to provide insurance data
    • retroactive changes to Not subject to Finnish social security data
    • retroactive change to Voluntary insurance in Finland (earnings-related pension insurance) data.

An employer’s separate report must be cancelled and a new report must be submitted if the following data needs to be corrected:

  • reporting period
  • the payer’s customer identifier
  • pension policy number
  • occupational accident insurance company identifier or policy number.

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