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Improvements to and its usability – no effect on MyTax

News, 5/22/2024

Changes will be made to after this spring’s deadlines for filing income tax returns have passed. Usability will be improved, and will receive a new look. The changes will be implemented in stages. When the first changes are released on 29 May, the website will be down from 6 am to 9 am.

Instructions highlighted

The aim of the change is to make clearer and improve its usability by making it easier for taxpayers to find instructions on how to manage their tax matters.

The introduction of the first improvements will cause a short service break: will be down on Wednesday, 29 May, between 6 am and 9 am. Changes will be made to the website, where instructions are provided – they do not affect the MyTax e-service.

You can first notice the new look of on the front pages of individual and corporate taxpayers. The most important topics will still be presented first, but they will be followed by instructions for different situations in life, such as retirement or starting a new business.

We have simplified the structure of the website to highlight taxpayer instructions. More detailed tax guidance, mainly for tax professionals, will be found in the website footer.

“Changes will continue throughout the year. The objective is to provide an improved website that enables taxpayers to manage their taxes without contacting our customer service,” says Anu Mujunen, Communications Manager.

The usability of the website improves as the menu remains visible even when you scroll up or down. In addition, links and other functions will gain emphasis in the new version. At the same time, we have made efforts to give the page a clear and harmonious look.

“On the new website, it will be easier to navigate and see where you are, especially after we revise all taxpayer instructions to comply with the new concept. The mobile version will also be clearer, and the MyTax button will always be visible on mobile, too,” says Anu Mujunen.

Another new feature is illustrations, where the theme is Finnish society funded by tax revenue. The illustrations have been created with AI by Antti Karppinen, Finnish AI artist.

Change continues throughout the year – always make sure you are on the legitimate website

“We will continue to make improvements, especially by clarifying the layout and structure of taxpayer instructions. As a result of the changes, will look different. To make sure the site you go to is not a scam site, write in the address bar. Also, you should always go to MyTax safely through,” says Anu Mujunen, Communications Manager. is one of the most frequently visited websites in Finland. In 2023, a total of 85.6 million visits were made to different pages. The site and its contents are continuously improved, but a more comprehensive update has not been made since 2017. In addition to improving usability, we now make extra efforts to make the site comply with the accessibility requirements.

A glass-topped table with a computer monitor on top. The screen shows the new home page of the website.

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