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Annual information returns for 2023 – due dates are approaching!

News, 1/11/2024

Companies and other parties that pay out amounts of money must submit information returns to the Tax Administration every year.

The due date for this year’s annual information returns is 31 January 2024. However, for some of the information returns, the due date is different. Check the due dates of annual information returns

Submit your annual information in time, so the data gets transferred to individual taxpayers’ pre-completed returns as it should.

Annual information returns can be filed in MyTax

You can use MyTax to file many annual information returns. Log in to MyTax with your e-banking codes or with a mobile certificate.

When you are logged in, click Report or request information in a limited scope. An alternative way to file your returns is to use where you can upload software-generated files.

Closure of in February

The service will close down on 29 February 2024. If you have been previously able to file the annual information return in, you can still file the return for 2023 there until closes down.

Note: the “My e-Services” feature of is closing down as well. You can no longer use “My e-Services” for saving any files. To keep the returns for future reference, you need to save them on your computer.

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