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News for software developers – 3/2023

News, 10/3/2023

New version of has released on 26 September 2023

Key changes:

  • You can check and submit self-employed businesses’ income tax returns (Forms 2, 2Y, 2C, 5, 6A, 73B) for tax year 2023.
  • Direct transfers of withholding data for 2024
    • You can check and submit:
      • direct transfers of resident pension recipients (VKESSELE)
      • direct transfers of non-resident pension recipients (RVKSSELE)
      • direct transfers of withholding data on wages (VKESSPAE) and
      • data on YEL and MYEL work income (VKTYOSVA) for purposes of the 2023 preassessment.
    • The example materials on the Ilmoitin/IT Developers site have been updated

News about Vero API

New interface released 31 August 2023 for processing authorizations

The production environment has a new authorization token feature to enhance interface function. For documentation, visit the Vero API portal.

The handling of third-party customers with the new token allows the user to access many APIs through just one call, as the functionalities and authorizations are kept open for 60 minutes.

In the future, the new token feature will probably replace the authorization check process for customer interfaces, becoming standard and required.

Vero API interfaces to be released 20 November 2023

Taxpayer status inquiry

Users of the new “Taxpayer’s liability status API” — Verovelvollisuusasema Vero API can make inquiries about natural persons’ actual status, specifically whether the taxpayer is resident (Y) or nonresident in Finland (R).

The inquiry concerns data records valid at the time when the inquiry is made, and the status information can refer to the current year or next year.

The person whose status is being inquired must be issued a Finnish personal identity code or have an artificial identity code defined by the Tax Administration.

Changes to car taxation, 2023

  • Several changes are introduced concerning filed car tax returns and the decisions on car taxes
  • New interface for inquiries of the standard model library
  • New interface for inquiries of specific car tax returns vehicle for vehicle

New features for inquiry of current balance and transactions

  • Balance details:
    • New fields for taxes and interest payments
  • Transaction search:
    • New field for current balance
    • New type of transaction: payment transactions
    • Unused credit balances to be included in transaction data

The Vero API portal: New acceptance process is in effect as of 20 November 2023, introduction to production

The integration of Vero API interfaces and software will include a simplified acceptance procedure, based on self-service

  • The objective is to improve quality of integration, minimize errors in interface-based transfer of data, and make the process of API integration clearer than before
  • Starting 20 November, to begin using interfaces in the production environment, the software has to undergo acceptance testing
    • Acceptance does not concern existing software and interfaces already in production
    • Acceptance testing is required when a software product and an interface are integrated

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