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EMCS will be transferred to MyTax – the change concerns corporate taxpayers who move excise products within the EU

News, 1/30/2023

EMCS, or the Excise Movement and Control System, is an electronic system for exchanging information between EU countries. EMCS is used for reporting and controlling the movement of excise products (alcohol, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and liquid energy products) between EU Member States. EMCS is used by importers of alcohol and tobacco, keepers of tax warehouses, as well as manufacturers, processors and importers of liquid fuels. 

EMCS transfers to MyTax on 13 February 2023. From then on, corporate taxpayers will have to report movements of products subject to excise duty in MyTax or via an API. At the same time, EMCS expands so that the company’s reporting obligation will also cover products on which excise duty has already been paid in the country of dispatch. Transports within Finland do not need to be reported on EMCS.

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